Jeremy’s Swim, Bike, Run for REAP training update August 1, 2014

This week’s training log…

Venetian 1 Venetian 3 Venetian 4 Venetian 6 Venetian 7 Venetian

Saturday, 7/26/14

6 mile run. Nice, fast start to the run. Realized 2 miles in that my “Map My Run” app wasn’t running. No bragging rights for sub-7-minute miles if you can’t show proof! Hmph.

Sunday, 7/27/14

44 mile bike ride with buddies from the neighborhood. An appropriate amount of praise was received for my new bike, helmet, and other stuff. Bob criticized my biking jersey for being a boxy “club” jersey instead of the more svelte “racing” jersey. Who knew? Great ride – I was able to keep up with the pack and sometimes lead. Pretty fatigued at the end, but not totally destroyed as I was after the prior weekend’s 52 miler.

After the 44 mile bike ride I changed into running gear and did a 2 mile run to help my body learn how to handle the transition from bike to road running.

Monday, 7/28/14            

Drove to the Venetian Pools for an early morning 6AM swim. It’s great slipping into the water when it’s still dark outside.

Tuesday, 7/29/14            

Up at 5:00AM. At Pinnacle Fitness Bootcamp by 5:30AM. This sort of thing is not on most triathlon training plans, but I swear it makes me a faster runner. I dropped 30 lbs last year doing this sort of thing, so that’s not bad, right?

Wednesday, 7/30/14

Up at 5:10AM. Gear up with bike jersey, tri-shorts(not quite swim-suit, not quite biking shorts – a little of both), bike shoes, helmet. Toss some goggles and swim cap in my jersey pockets. The 3 mile ride to the pool goes quickly. Fortunately, there’s little traffic on the roads at this time as I still can’t bring myself to buy more gear in the form of bike lights. At the pool it’s just me, one woman in the middle swim lane, and two teenagers who run the place. See pictures below. The reward of the early morning swim comes from watching the scenery change as the sun comes up. At first it’s dark, then a gradual twilight blooms into a blue sky morning. It gives you the sense of bringing on the dawn through your efforts in the pool. I swim a little over a mile with some sprints thrown in for good measure, then bike back home. I’m loving this workout and hate that summer will come to a close in the not-too-distant future.

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