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Public School Teachers and Orton-Gillingham

Recently our first round of public school teachers completed phase one of their Orton-Gillingham training with REAP.  Here are just a few of the quotes that came from the surveys they filled out after the course.

  • “I feel like for the last 16 years of teaching literacy that I have needed the understandings of language and ways to tackle those struggling readers in a direct way that OG has provided for me.”
  • “It has impacted my literacy instruction in a phenomenal way where I could immediately start practicing what I learned and see the growth in my struggling readers within weeks.  The OG approach provides teachers with multi-sensory lessons that are fun to teach as well!”
  • “I now have a better understanding that ALL students, not just struggling readers, need this piece to be successful readers AND writers.”
  • “As a former reading recovery teacher, my passion is struggling readers.  It has helped me see all of the components of reading.  What was lacking from my reading lessons was the mechanics of the language.  OG has completed my reading puzzle!”
  • “I feel like OG was the missing link between what I knew about reading instruction/reading workshop and what my struggling readers truly needed to be successful.”
  • “The knowledge I have gained from my OG training has not only made my whole group phonics time more effective, but I also use the strategies I’ve learned during small group work and guided reading.  This training has also strengthened my ability to diagnose what individual students are struggling with as readers and how I can help them overcome that gap.”
  • “All teachers deserve to know about the OG approach.  Without it, many students will slip through the cracks or move up the grades without the appropriate reading assistance to be successful readers.”
  • “I’ve already begun to implement some of the things I’ve learned in my own classroom and have been blown away by the effectiveness of the OG approach.”
  • “This course is a resource that any teacher could use.  The strategies can be implemented to push students who are high achievers as well as giving those struggling readers the support to become successful.”
  • “Every parent deserves to have a teacher who can meet their individual child’s reading needs.  OG gives teachers the tools to support students on every level and help move them forward in literacy.”
  • “Thank you for this amazing opportunity.  I am forever grateful!”

Dyslexia as a Language-Based Learning Disability: Core Problems and Effective Interventions

The Atlanta Speech School was kind enough to post the video from Dr. Joseph Torgesen’s recent presentation.

Click here to view the presentation!

Here is a quick description from the Atlanta Speech School:

Research over the past 30 years has produced significant discoveries about the nature of dyslexia and how it may be effectively treated. Dr. Torgesen will describe the most important current ideas about the causes of dyslexia in young children, and will also describe what is currently known about effective instructional interventions.

Dr. Torgesen is the Robert M. Gagne Professor of Psychology and Education (emeritus) at Florida State University and is the Founder and Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research. He is an internationally recognized expert in learning disabilities, reading, remedial interventions and teacher professional development . He has been conducting research with children who have learning problems for over 30 years, and is the author of over 180 articles, book chapters, books and tests related to reading and learning disabilities.

“Why didn’t I get this information when I was in school learning how to teach kids to read?”

Teachers are using their new knowledge!

The teachers currently enrolled in our Orton-Gillingham training are already seeing the day-to-day instructional value of this 70 year old approach.

Here is what they have to say:

“This is the best approach to reading that I’ve ever learned.”

“Every week I walk away with something valuable that I can immediately use with my students.”

“It’s going to reach every kid in my classroom.”

“The systematic approach for teaching phonics will help all children become stronger readers and writers. That is what I want for all my children.”

“Why didn’t I get this when I was in school learning how to teach kids to read?”

“The Orton-Gillingham class has built my background knowledge in the area of phonics instruction helping me make more informed instructional decisions on a day to day basis.”
“My understanding of our language continues to grow each week.”


Reading is Essential for All People Welcomes Jody Goldfarb to the Board of Directors


Jody Goldfarb


REAP is proud to have Jody Goldfarb join our Board of Directors.  Jody brings a great deal of education experience and non-profit knowledge to our board. Jody has a tremendous passion for improving the odds for struggling readers; she learned the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction long before she knew she would have three dyslexic children.  We welcome Jody and look forward to working with her toward reading proficiency for all public school students.

Interview with top lawyer David Bois about his Dyslexia

Quinn Bradley interviews David Bois for the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Here is the intro from the NCLD site:

I recently had the opportunity to interview David Boies, possibly our country’s most famous lawyer, who happens to have dyslexia. He has tried many Supreme Court cases, including the Bush vs. Gore case in 2000. That same year, Time Magazine named him “Lawyer of the Year”. He has also won countless awards throughout his career.

It wasn’t until his son was diagnosed with dyslexia that David got his diagnosis. The thing I love the most about David is that even though he struggles with reading, he doesn’t feel there is anything wrong with him. He’s learned how to develop compensating skills. He says one of those skills is the ability to listen. In his words:

“I think my dyslexia has helped me in a number of ways. Because I have difficulty reading, I had to learn to speak without notes, which in court can be much more effective. It also taught me to organize my thoughts in a clear and comprehensible way. That also can be a powerful tool.”

David’s advice to parents of recently diagnosed kids and recently diagnosed young adults is this: “Be patient.” He says “the real tragedy of dyslexia is that young people suffer from it at a time when two things are happening: 1) they’re at their most vulnerable in their adolescence, and 2) it is the time when they’re expected to read the most.”

“If you can just be patient through a very, very difficult time, you can come out the other end. And what you find at the other end is you’re just like everybody else. Because what you had to overcome, you have overcome.”

Click here to watch the interview.




Getting Services for your Child in the Public Schools: A Workshop for Parents of Struggling Readers and Writers

Tuesday, April 29th, Decatur Public Library

Outreach event hosted by IDA-GA in coordination with Decoding Dyslexia GA

Special Education Attorney Allison B. Vrolijk will be presenting a highly interactive workshop to answer all of your questions about your rights as you advocate for your child in the public schools. Special emphasis will be placed on advocating for children with reading and writing challenges, including topics such as RTI, evaluations, goal drafting, and progress monitoring.

This event is free and open to the public, but seating is limited.

Click here to reserve your seat.


Crime Writer Amanda Kyle Williams shares her journey from struggling reader to full-time writer

Due to unforeseen circumstances this event is postponed. We will update the site and announce the new date as soon as we have it!  

Please click here to sign up for the new date and information on future community events!

Amanda Kyle Williams speaking at fundraiser for REAP!  Bid on a chance to have your name used as a character in book #4!

We love Amanda and her addictive suspense novels. Amanda is a talented author, animal activist, dyslexic, and supporter of REAP.  Amanda has graciously agreed to share her journey from being a struggling reader to a full-time writer.  A journey made difficult by educators who were not prepared to recognize her dyslexia or instruct her in a way that fit her learning style. Amanda quit school at 16 years old. Terms like “slow”, “stupid”, and “doesn’t apply herself” were the every day norm until she was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 22 and finally given the tools to do what she had never been able to do – read.    If one teacher, just one, had understood Amanda’s dyslexia her school experience would have been dramatically different.

Amanda’s books are thrilling and her personal story is fascinating.  Join us on March 10th with the Georgia Center for the Book at the Decatur Public Library.  In addition to Amanda’s engaging presentation there will be sweet treats provided by Sweet N’ Sinful Bakery and a silent auction which includes a chance to have your name used as a character in Amanda’s next book!  Additional auction items include: $250 Gift Certificate to Take Me Out Tickets, $500 Gift Certificate from CertaPro Painters of Atlanta, a Session with Amy Gibbons Photography, A gift basket from Cakes and Ale, and MORE!

March 10th, Doors open at 6:30PM
Decatur Public Library
Mark your calendars and be a part of this unique event.  Tickets are free but seating is limited.  RSVP recommended.

Click here to RSVP for the event!