November Newsletter – See what our teachers in training have to say!

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Teachers are using their new knowledge!

The teachers currently enrolled in our Orton-Gillingham training are already seeing the day-to-day instructional value of this 70 year old approach.

Here is what they have to say:

“This is the best approach to reading that I’ve ever learned.”

“Every week I walk away with something valuable that I can immediately use with my students.”

“It’s going to reach every kid in my classroom.”

“The systematic approach for teaching phonics will help all children become stronger readers and writers. That is what I want for all my children.”
“Why didn’t I get this when I was in school learning how to teach kids to read?”

“The Orton-Gillingham class has built my background knowledge in the area of phonics instruction helping me make more informed instructional decisions on a day to day basis.”
“My understanding of our language continues to grow each week.”


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