Training Program

REAP provides public school teachers with access to instructional tools necessary to reach all readers.

Why do readers struggle?

Children struggle in reading, writing, and spelling for many reasons, including (but not limited to): learning disabilities, English as a second language, limited access to language and books, and attention challenges.

Research states that 20% of the population is dyslexic (Shaywitz, Yale Center for the Study of Learning 2005). In Georgia 66% of 4th Graders do not read at a proficient level.  32% are not reading at the basic level (NAEP 2013). That number jumps to 73% by 8th grade. Reading proficiency means reading, comprehending, and inferring information from everyday documents like The New York Times, an insurance benefits form, a college textbook, or a Federal tax form. Continuous budget cuts in our education system have increased classroom sizes and decreased money for teacher training and enrichment.

The Training Program

Reading is Essential for All People programs are provided with the public school teacher in mind.  Our nationally recognized instructors are highly qualified and passionate about the students you teach every day.  Any public school teacher in the Metro Atlanta area can apply for our free professional development.

Our intensive Orton-Gillingham training program consists of several options:

Classroom Educator Course:

The Classroom Educator training is a 30 hour course (12 sessions, twice monthly Oct. – April or one full week during the summer) with the option of a 50-hour practicum.

Associate Level Course:

The Associate Level training is a 70 hour course (1 night per week, Sept. – May or two full weeks during the summer) with the option of a 50-hour or 100-hour practicum.

Classroom Educator and Associate Level Fall-Spring course dates and locations should be available in September.

Connecting the Learning Workshops:

These hands-on workshops connect the coursework to the classroom.  Teachers having completed at least 30 hours of training are eligible for the workshop.  Several dates are available each year.

Practical Guidance:

REAP realizes that the learning does not stop once you are back in the classroom.  If anything continuing professional development is what solidifies the knowledge learned throughout the course.  Our practical guidance offerings are in the pilot stages and include Modeling, Shoulder-to-Should coaching, Observations and Feedback and mini learning sessions individualized for the schools we work with and their specific student needs.  The program is geared toward schools that have at least 5 trained teachers.  These teachers must have at least 30 hours of multi-sensory, systematic, direct phonics instruction coursework.  If comparable, the coursework does not need to come from REAP.  Find out more about this program for your school by emailing your interest to:

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